What are the dates of Electric Zoo 2017?

Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro will take place on Friday September 1st, Saturday September 2nd, and Sunday September 3rd.

How old do I have to be to attend?

Admission to Electric Zoo New York is strictly for ages 18 and over. To purchase and consume alcohol or to purchase and/or use VIP Experience or Platinum Experience passes, you must be at least 21 years of age. Everyone must show valid government-issued photo ID (photocopies will not be accepted).


  • Valid driver’s license from any US state or Canada
  • Valid identification issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (Non-Driver ID card)
  • Valid United States military identification
  • Valid passport or visa issued by your country’s government


What time do the doors open each day?

The doors open at 3pm on Friday, September 1st; and at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd.

Will there be lockers at Electric Zoo?

Lockers will be available for purchase as an add-­on to your Electric Zoo pass and will remain available for purchase until the festival. There will be a limited quantity of lockers for purchase on­site and at higher rates; we recommend purchasing your locker ahead of time.

Lockers will be to your disposal Friday through Sunday. Each locker comes with a USB port, as well as your choice of the cord suited to fit your cell phones, tablets, or digital cameras so that you can remain charged and connected at all times throughout the weekend.

Will I be allowed to leave the venue and re-enter?

No. Once you leave the festival grounds, you may not re­-enter. You may only re-­enter the next day of the festival with your 3­-day pass or single day pass if valid for that day.

Can I leave the site and come back in if I’m a VIP or Platinum customer?

No. Once you leave the festival grounds, you may not re­-enter. You may only re-­enter the next day of the festival with your 3­-day pass or single day pass if valid for that day.

Will there be any food & beverages available for sale?

Yes, there will be a wide variety of food options, including burgers, hot dogs and pizza, as well as many other local and vegetarian/vegan choices. These include some of our favorite New York City street vendors. There will be a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, plus beer, wine and champagne for those over the age of 21. Mixed drinks/liquor will only be available for purchase in the VIP lounge, which is only accessible by those who purchase a VIP Experience or Platinum Experience.

I have special dietary needs – will there be food for me?

While we make every effort to bring in food vendors with a wide variety of options catering to many different needs, we regret that we cannot guarantee that there will be a vendor to match each and every one of those needs. In keeping with our efforts, we will continue to strive to offer the greatest variety of food choices possible in an effort to something for everyone.

Will there be First Aid on site at the festival?

There are medical aid stations marked with a red cross in the four corners of the park to insure you’re never too far away from help. Check out the map in the center of the booklet that you’ll receive when you get to the festival to familiarize yourself with the location of the medical aid stations which are staffed with emergency medical professionals, and have plenty of water if you need it.

Will I be searched upon entering?

Yes, everyone is subject to search upon entry.

What if it rains?

Electric Zoo is a rain or shine event. You can enjoy your time at Electric Zoo under all generally safe weather conditions. Our rain or shine policy is subject to safety requirements. We would never put you in harms way in extreme cases of dangerous weather.

Electric Zoo Codes of Conduct
What are some safe practices I can use at Electric Zoo?

Please take good care of yourself and help watch out for the people around you. If you see someone slip, trip, or overheat, someone who needs medical attention, rehydration, or just a helping hand, please keep the positive vibe alive, and be a friend to a friend in need. Remember that it’s very important to stay hydrated, so take advantage of the free high-speed water refill stations around the festival grounds. Be aware of how much you’re exerting yourself and take breaks from dancing. When you sweat, your body is losing water and you need to replace it to make sure you don’t overheat.

What items am I not allowed to bring with me?

The following items are prohibited:

  • Large bags/backpacks:
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food/beverages/candy
  • Professional cameras & recording devices
  • Illegal drugs, substances, paraphernalia, eye drops, vitamins and prescription drugs without a valid prescription with the holder’s name clearly listed or prescription drugs that are being shared with others, and other products that are being used or may be used for an unintended purpose
  • Squirt guns, misters, spray bottles, etc
  • Laser pointers, pens or similar focused-light devices
  • Bad attitudes
  • Glowsticks
  • Chairs
  • Frisbees
  • Unsealed tampons
  • Opened cigarettes
  • Marker pens
  • Glass bottles, glass containers, cans, canteens, flasks or other containers of liquid (empty clear plastic water bottles up to 1 liter in capacity will be allowed)
  • Deodorant, cosmetics or perfume in big bottles or sprays (larger than 3oz/90ml)
  • Pets (except service animals with current rabies certification. Guide dogs do need their own access pass. Please email ada@electriczoofestival.com to request a pass for Your guide dog.)
  • Bicycles, scooters, personal motorized vehicles
  • Musical instruments
  • Sleeping bags (no overnight camping or sleepovers)
  • Umbrellas
  • E-cigarettes
  • Any apparatus (e.g. umbrella, totem pole, flagstick, sunshade, tripod for cameras, or walking canes) considered dangerous by the security services to other festival goers may be confiscated
  • Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form
  • Flammable products or materials and sprays
  • Pyrotechnics of any type (e.g. sparklers, bottle rockets)
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Fake IDs – they will be confiscated and your wristband will be cut without refund.
  • Any materials that could be used for vending or solicitation
  • Spray Paint
  • Stickers, flyers and posters

If you have prescription medication that you must bring with you, you must bring a copy of your prescription to be evaluated by the medical staff.

Ok, so now I know what I can’t bring/do. What CAN I do?

We’re so glad you asked!
Everybody CAN:

  • Sit in the open or shady grassy space and relax on a small blanket or beach towel
  • Lounge, decompress and eat in our shade tents
  • Select some delectable nibbles from a wide variety of options, including crowd-pleasers like burgers, hot dogs, and pizza, as well as many other local and vegetarian/vegan choices. These include some of our favorite New York City street vendors.
  • Save the world, should the opportunity arise to do so
  • Boogie
  • Gaze at the New York City Skyline while getting down to some very, very dope beats
  • Get his number
  • Browse our vendor village
  • Meet some amazing new people
  • Count disco balls
  • Devour some icy treats
  • Shake it, but don’t break it, because it took your mother nine months to make it
  • Lay on your back in the grass and gaze at the clouds
  • Pretend you’re a zebra
  • Get her number
  • Feel your jaw drop when you see that famous Zoo visual production
  • Score some free swag from our sponsors
  • Wear a very silly hat
  • Meet some of the DJ’s as they cruise around and take in the festival
  • Feel Faaaaaaaabulous
  • Jam out to almost 100 of the world’s best electronic music artists
  • Purchase some essentials from the General Store (gum, sun block, visors etc.)
  • Get his and her number

If you are over 21 YOU CAN:

  • Choose from a selection of traditional and craft beers
  • Enjoy a refreshing wine spritzer, or glass of wine
  • Celebrate with a glass of bubbly
  • Or go all the way and live it up in the lounge with a VIP Experience or Platinum Experience
What can/should I bring with me?

Empty clear plastic water bottles up to 1 liter in capacity will be allowed.

  • Large and Lovely sun glasses
  • Sun block (seriously!!!)
  • Rain poncho
  • A small blanket or towel
  • All of your favorite people
  • DANCING SHOES! (we discourage flip flops for comfort/safety reasons)
  • Your ID. (Please note that photocopies will NOT be accepted as valid ID.)
  • A small backpack or utility bag
  • Chapstick (must be new and sealed)
  • A positive attitude
Can I bring a Camelbak / Water Hydration Pack?

Yes, Camelbak and Water Hydration Packs are allowed, but must be completely empty upon entrance.

Can I bring a GoPro?

Yes, GoPro cameras are allowed. However, GoPro attachments such as sticks, selfie sticks or monopods are not allowed.

Ticket Questions
How does the Payment Plan work?

You can pay for your Electric Zoo pass in installments over time. Choose the Payment Plan when checking out.

What is Will Call?

Will Call serves as a way for our international guests and those who ordered their passes after the shipping cut­-off date to pick up their tickets conveniently when entering the festival. Follow signs for will call when you arrive on festival site. You will need your printed confirmation email, the credit card used to purchase your passes and your valid photo ID.

Will Call opens at 2pm on Friday, September 1st; and at 12pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd.

I ordered my ticket from outside the US ­­ how will I get it?

All international orders must be picked up at the Will Call check-­in area, located next to the Box Office at the festival main entrance on Randall’s Island. Unless you plan to walk, bike, or arrive by car, you must print out your confirmation email and bring it with you to the ferry or shuttle bus departure point in Manhattan (check your confirmation email to make sure you’re headed to the correct place ­- either ferry or MTA). Your confirmation email will be checked, and you will be allowed to ride to the festival site on Randall’s Island. From there, you should proceed to the Will Call check-­in area. You will need the credit card used to purchase your tickets and your valid photo ID.

I have a question/concern about my 2017 ticket order. What should I do?

Please fill out the Paylogic Customer Service form for prompt email support, or call Paylogic at (646) 741-0139.


Transportation & Directions
How can I get to Electric Zoo?

Getting to Electric Zoo is easy. From your New York City location, the festival entrance is just a stop or two away. This year we’re offering a multitude of transportation options, including readily available MTA buses and subways, car service pick-ups and drop-offs, round-trip Ferry rides, walking and biking routes, direct-route Brooklyn shuttles and more.

From within New York City:
– In two simple steps, use the Subway and MTA Buses to travel to Randall’s Island from your locations in Manhattan.
– Ferries departs from and returns to the East 35th Street Ferry Landing located at the intersection of East 35th Street and FDR Drive. They travel to and from Randall’s Island all weekend long! Starting at 2:30pm on Friday, September 2nd and at 12:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, ferries run continuously until 30 minutes after the festival ends.

From Brooklyn:
– Electric Zoo is offering round trip shuttle buses with a direct Brooklyn route. These buses depart from and return to Output (74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249). Brooklyn shuttle departures begin at 12pm each day and will be running continuously throughout the weekend. Round trip passes are now available with weekend-long and single-day options.

How do I get to Electric Zoo with the Subway/MTA Buses?

Getting to Electric Zoo courtesy of MTA is one of many transportation options made simply for you. Whether the most local Subway to your disposal or the Express Bus, Electric Zoo is working closely with MTA to ensure everyone has a convenient mode of transportation to the festival.

Here’s how to get to Electric Zoo via Subway/MTA Buses in two simple steps.


  • Take the MTA 4 TrainMTA 5 TrainMTA 6 Train subway train to the 125th Street Stop.
    • $5.50 roundtrip ($1.00 new card fee not included)


  • Take the X80 Express Bus from 125th Street / Lexington Avenue to Randall’s Island Park.
    • $6.50 roundtrip ($3.75 if coming from subway using MetroCard)
    • Monthly MetroCards cannot be used.

**Monthly MetroCards do not apply to X80 Express bus.

What about walking or biking to the festival?

You can walk across the footbridge from E. 103rd St. in Manhattan onto Randall’s Island Park. It takes about 20-25 minutes to walk from the Manhattan side of the footbridge to the festival entrance.

Pedestrians can also walk across the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge from Manhattan (about 15 minutes), Queens (about 30 minutes), or the Bronx (about 15 minutes).

BICYCLISTS PLEASE NOTE: Bikes are NOT allowed on the ferry or buses. Bike parking is South of the RFK Bridge Pedestrian Walkway, near the Ferry Landing on Randall’s Island. Follow signs from the main festival entrance.

Can I be dropped off at and picked up from Electric Zoo?

We will be offering dedicated areas for drop-offs and pick-ups. Locations and more information will be announced as the festival approaches. Check back for updates on drop-off and pick-up options.

How do I get to Randall’s Island if I’m driving?

Parking will not be available on Randall’s Island this year, and we strongly encourage you to get to Randall’s Island by taking the Ferry/Shuttle options, by walking/biking, or get dropped off at the festival. There will be no parking spots available to purchase.

From Manhattan: Get on the RFK Bridge at East 125th Street or Exit 18 from FDR Drive (left exit from northbound or right hand exit from southbound Harlem River Drive). Once on the RFK Bridge, E-Z Pass users should stay left for the exit to Randall’s Island Park, immediately after the toll plaza. Those paying cash at the toll should stay to the right and take the entrance ramp to Randall’s Island Park located about a half-mile past the toll plaza on the right hand side.

From Long Island: Get on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge from the Grand Central Parkway. Stay right for the exit to Randall’s Island, immediately after the toll plaza.

From the Bronx: Take the Major Deegan or Bruckner Expressway to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Once on the RFK Bridge continue toward Queens. After the Queens toll plaza, bear right for the Randall’s Island exit (about 200 yards).

From Brooklyn: Take the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway East to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Stay right for the exit to Randall’s Island Park, immediately after the toll plaza.

From Queens: Get on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge from the Grand Central Parkway. Stay right for the exit to Randall’s Island Park, immediately after the toll plaza.

From New Jersey: From I-80 or the New Jersey Turnpike, get on the George Washington Bridge. Follow signs for “Through Traffic” (on the upper level, stay to the left, on the lower level, stay to the right) to get onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, then take the Harlem River Drive/Amsterdam Avenue exit. Keep left onto the Harlem River Drive, then stay straight to take FDR Drive South to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. On the Bridge, E-Z Pass users should stay left for the exit to Randall’s Island Park, immediately after the toll plaza. Those paying cash at the toll should stay to the right and take the entrance ramp to Randall’s Island Park located about a half-mile past the toll plaza on the right hand side.

From Westchester: Take I-87 (New York State Thruway) southbound. I-87 will turn into the Major Deegan Expressway. Follow signs to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, pass through the tollbooth, and stay to the right. Take the exit for Randall’s Island.

What if I’m traveling to New York City from out of town?

By air

Airports closest to the festival are:

  • Newark International (airport code: EWR)
  • John F. Kennedy (aiport code: JFK)
  • LaGuardia (airport code: LGA)

By train

New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and Metro North have trains in and out of New York City on a daily basis.

New York train terminals are:

  • Pennsylvania Station (often referred to as PENN station) is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan – LIRR, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit
  • Grand Central Station – Metro North
  • Harlem 125th street (closest to the festival) – Metro North

By bus

The BOLT bus travels from Baltimore, Boston, Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and Washington DC to several New York City locations on a daily basis.  Check out www.boltbus.com for more details

A number of bus companies travel daily to Port Authority Bus Terminal located in midtown manhattan. You may easily access many subways from there. For information on all carriers, call the Port Authority Terminal at 212-564-8484 or visit www.ny.com/transportation/port_authority.html.

* This information is intended for information and planning purposes only and is not to be taken as endorsements or warranties of any kind. All information presented here is subject to change.

I am a food vendor interested in participating in the festival. How can I submit an application?

Great! You can submit an application to become a food vendor here.

PLEASE NOTE this form is only to be used for FOOD VENDORS.

I am a vendor interested in selling non-food items. Who should I contact?

Non-food vendors can inquire about potential opportunities by contacting us here