Electric Eight, Part 2

PART TWO Introduced two weeks ago, twice a month we highlight some of the hottest DJs heading to Electric Zoo this Labor Day weekend as part of Wild Island’s ‘Electric Eight’ series. Get to know the artists and sounds of the Wild Island before you hit the road to New… Continue Reading →

Limited-time offer for National Friends Day!

Today is National Best Friends Day. Take a moment, a deep breath, and think about how awesome your squad is. Aren’t your friends amazing? Now, think about how magnificent it would be to party at Electric Zoo: Wild Island with all of your friends surrounding you, going nuts to your… Continue Reading →

Electric Eight, Part 1

Introducing Electric Zoo: Wild Island’s ‘Electric Eight’ DJ Series Twice a month, some of the hottest DJs heading to Electric Zoo this Labor Day weekend will be delivered fresh to your inbox as part of Wild Island’s Electric Eight series. Get to know the artists who will be soundtracking the… Continue Reading →

Dim Mak Hosts NYC 20th Anniversary Stage At Electric Zoo!

If there’s one person who encapsulates everything that’s good about dance music ––The excitement, the energy, the vibe––It’s Steve Aoki. He’s one of the true superstars of our generation, and his label Dim Mak has been responsible for countless dancefloor smashers over the past 20 years. Two decades of shape-shifting… Continue Reading →

Buygore hosts stage and makes Electric Zoo even wilder!

Led by party-starting DJ Borgore who’s known for his no-holds-barred attitude and sound, the Buygore label is an international champion of bone-rattling bass that always brings the ruckus. This year, the raucous label will host their own stage at Electric Zoo: Wild Island, showcasing a genre-bending lineup of their top-drawer… Continue Reading →